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  Training Centre of the national league club LIEBHERR-GAK in Graz
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Range of services
  Technical planning, design, tendering process and on-site supervision of construction of sports and outdoor facilities (including sprinkling and floodlighting)
Project data
  In the north of the city Graz, close to the Mur river, a new training centre was built on an approx. 66,500 m² area for the Graz football club, GAK. The Training Centre comprises a 2-storey club building, spectator stands, a groundsman's office, a machine and equipment building, four football pitches with natural turf surfaces (all with floodlighting and underfloor sprinkling), one football pitch with a artifical turf surface (with floodlighting), a hard pitch, a head ball and shooting training pitch with a natural turf surface, a goalkeeper and single combat training pitch with a natural turf surface, a sprinting hill, various green areas, made up footpaths and roads and finally an asphalt car park with parking spaces for 50 cars within the grounds and a further 150 parking spaces directly next to the Training Centre.
  Club building + working quarters
    approx. 2,270 m² useable floor space (approx. 1,700 m² construction surface area)
    (covered, approx. 250 m²)
300 seats
  Sports facilities
    Football pitches with natural turf surfaces, Atotal = 31,536 m²
Pitch 1 (main playing field): 105 x 68 m
match+training for the professionals and championship matches for youth and young players
Pitch 2 (training pitch): 105 x 68 m
match training+training for the professionals
Pitch 4 (training pitch): 102 x 68 m
Amateurs, youth
Pitch 5 (training pitch): 102 x 68 m
Youth, Amateurs
    Football pitch with artifical turf surface, Atotal = 7,992 m²
Pitch 3 (training and main playing field): 105 x 68 m
match + training for the professionals, amateurs, youth and young players when the main playing field cannot be used (Pitch 1), also competition pitch for the youth and young players' teams championship matches.
The synthetic turf surface was installed on a 30 mm thick elastic pad (in-situ applied), infill of quartz sand and green EPDM granulate.
    Goalkeeper and single combat training pitch with a natural turf surface, A = 2,400 m²
    Head ball and shooting training pitch with a natural turf surface, A = 625 m²
    Hard pitch, A = 880 m²
All-weather pitch with an elastic synthetic surface of red EPDM granulate, on an elastic pad, in-situ applied, for basketball and small pitch football
    Sprinting hill, I = 70 m, h = 7 m
  Outdoor facilities
      (asphalt or made up)
approx. 1,150 m² as an internal car park for approx. 50 cars
approx. 850 m² asphalt access road and car park for the adjacent building
approx. 90 m main access road, from the public traffic area to the Training Centre grounds (approx. 780 m²)
approx. 400 m internal footpaths and roads within the grounds
Project costs
  EUR 5,3 million (excluding VAT)
Including fittings and fixtures, but not including grounds' costs
Planning and design phase
  12/2001 – 04/2003
Construction phase
photo album
  04/2003 – 07/2004
  Architecture: J. Hohensinn (Graz / A)