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The Styrian Football Association
  Artifical turf pitch at the Styrian Football Association's grounds in Graz
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  Football for professionals, amateurs and youth
Intensity of use: up to 10 hours a day and 1,500 hours per year
Range of services
  Concept, technical planning, design, management of tendering process and technical supervision of the construction and installation of the artifical turf pitch, the perimeters, the outdoor facilities and the pitch production.
Project data
  Artifical turf pitch, A = 6,784 m²
  installed on an elastic shockpad, infill of quartz sand and green EPDM granulate.
  There had been a artifical turf pitch with quartz sand infill (2nd generation) at the Styrian Football Association grounds since 1985. This artifical pitch was removed and replaced by a new generation pitch. The playing field was also lengthened by 10 m.
  The pitch was inspected and approved by an accredited testing institution after completion. The sports applications qualities of the pitch were assessed according to UEFA criteria.
Project costs
  EUR 306,000,- (excluding VAT)
Including outdoor facilities and costs for the inspection by an accredited testing institution.
Planning and design phase
  12/2001 – 03/2002
Construction phase
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  04/2002 – 06/2002